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Medford Historical Society

Medford NJ

Apple Festival at Kirby's Mill
2017 Crafters Application and Photo Submission

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October 14th 2017
275 Church Rd Medford NJ
9 am - 4 pm (Rain or Shine)
10x10 space

2017 Crafter Applicants
Please follow these 2 steps below.

1. Complete the Application Form
2. Complete Photo Submission

STEP 1 - Complete Crafter Application

Accept the Crafter Agreement by checking the checkbox below.

Then please fill out the form below.


A crafter agrees, by application and fee payment, to adhere to the following standards and rules:

1. All items for sale must be hand crafted by the crafter applicant.
2. No manufactured items are permitted, with the understanding that some components of handmade crafts, are in fact manufactured, i.e. fabric, glass, lumber, etc.
3. Crafter Show Personnel may request the removal of non handcrafted items from your space. Failure to remove non handcrafted items will disqualify crafter from participating in the Apple Festival in the future; The appropriate venue for such items is the MHS Flea Market which is held in September.
3a. Crafts that shoot projectiles are not appropriate to this festival;
4. Crafters agree to have displays and area photographed by the Apple Festival Crafter Committee personnel for their use and event evaluation;
5. This is a rain or shine event. You must remain set up for the entire event.
6. Tent, if allowed in that location, can be set up the night before the festival; tables may be set up, both at your discretion as we do not provide security and are therefore not responsible. Space # is listed on invoice.
7. Set up on the day of the event: vehicle can be pulled to the front of your location, all items unloaded, vehicle removed to crafter parking lot, no items may be unpack or tent erected until after vehicle has been removed. Crafters can begin arriving for set up at 6 am. Vehicles must be removed by 8am.
8. Crafters are allocated 1 parking space in the area designated for crafters. All other vehicles must be moved to the back of the general parking area.
9. All items unpacked and ready for sale by 8AM;
10. Packing up of items cannot commence until 4PM.
11. Vehicles may not return to front of space until all items are packed and tent has been lowered. This must be coordinated with event personnel.

Please Complete and Send This Form

ALL crafts must be hand made by crafter-applicant.
No manufactured items permitted.

Once approved, we will mail you an invoice.

Note: Acceptance and billing will be completed between June and July
If a crafter does not forward payment at that time,
in a timely matter, they will be replaced

(Please Complete Step 2 of 2, Photo Submission Below)

STEP 2 - Product Photo Submission
Please note you must include 3 craft photos
and 1 photo of your booth at a minimum

Send your images via Email Attachments to the address below: