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Originally prepared by the Medford Historic Advisory Board, the main purpose of this project was to acquaint today's young people and tomorrow's decision makers with the unique and historic nature of the town in which we live.  It is the Advisory Board's hope that the information about the historic persons, sites and buildings presented here will be one step toward  an increased appreciation of Medford's past and the need for future preservation of the rich historical heritage within the community of Medford.  

The Medford Historical Society, in 022, took on the task of surveying existing signs and replacing those in need.  In some instances we have even placed a few new signs.  Originally 63 signs has now grown to 66.  Property owners wishing to have a blue sign placed must demonstrate the historic nature of the property for approval to have a new sign placed.  If you feel your property is worthy, click on the email form below to inquire about the process.  

In the meantime, the title above is a link to an online site for the blue signs.  There is also a printed booklet which can be mailed.  Please contact us below to make a request for a booklet.  

Let’s Work Together

If you are interested in recommending a building or house for a blue sign, please use the form below.  

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