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Medford Historical Images Now Online!
One of the initiatives taking place to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Medford Historical Society is a project underway at the Kirby's Mill Complex which will help preserve and safeguard our records. Our many thousands of documents and photos are currently being scanned, stored and backed up securely to the cloud.
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Also, to make them available for public viewing, we have begun to post images and documents to Zenfolio, our new home for digitally scanned records. The documents and images will be searchable by the general public. A little more than 500 photos and documents have been added, with more each week.
Stop by and visit our new digital archive and browse the galleries. You too can help with the project - review the photos and their captions, click "Share" and send us any additional comments to info@medfordhistory.org.

Click Below to visit the Archives:
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A large collection and display of handmade quilts by members of the Historical Society and other quilters.

Second Full Weekend in June
10:00 am - 4:00 pm each day
Township honors Bill Stauts for lifetime of service to Medford
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3/3/16 - Medford Township recognized Bill Stauts for his lifelong service to the community and announced that the road behind Kirby's Mill off Fostertown Rd shall be permanently named "Stauts Way" in recognition of Bill's efforts.