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Apple Festival, Country Day, Art Show 

Country Day - 2nd Saturday in May - we are looking for crafts and crafters who are skilled in an area appropriate to the time the Mill was built - 1785!  Basket weavers, soap makers, gardeners, leather workers, wood workers, etc.  

Apple Festival - 2nd Saturday in October - we are looking for skilled crafters to participate in our juried craft show.  This is a popular event - apply early (by mid June), popular crafting categories fill up early.   Invoicing will begin end of June beginning of July - we expect the following categories will be full once invoicing in complete.  

The application is currently CLOSED.   

All popular crafting categories are fully booked.  

If you feel you make something unique, please send us an email, along with photos.

Click the mail icon below. 

There are two spaces left to be filled. 

Kirby's Mill 2023 Painted.jpg

History of
        Apple Festival 


The Apple Festival is born 

30 Crafters, live demonstrations, apple butter made on site.


Apple Festival consists of more than 120 skilled crafters, live music, fresh made on site cider donuts, apple butter and cider (hot and cold), milling, blacksmithing and basket weaving demonstrations, kids activities, and history on display in our two museums.   


The Apple Festival has 80 crafters, live music, baked goods, blacksmithing demonstrations and kids activities. 


The Apple Festival expands into the back field expanding to more than 120 crafters.  


The Mill is open for visitors during Apple Festival.  The Mill is once again grinding corn - through the hard work of our volunteers the ability to grind has been restored.  

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